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Five Keys to Online Job Application Success


Have you ever thought about how applying for jobs online seems to be a complete waste of time since you seldom (if ever) get a response? The following five vital techniques can make a HUGE impact if you want to see the response rate go up and really want to get an interview or more from all of the online job applications you submit.

This is a New Job Market

In order to succeed in today’s employment market, you need to be aware of and understand the reality that techniques that were effective a decade ago no longer apply. Any that may have succeeded a year or two ago are now completely failing. The landscape of the work market has changed drastically. One area that has experienced radical change is the means through which hiring organizations locate, evaluate, and interact with potential employees. Competition is fierce for many open jobs; hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of people may have applied for the position(s) in which you are interested. However, although a solid resume will undoubtedly help in this endeavor, it is not the only factor to think about. The following is a set of measures that, when taken together, will increase the likelihood that your application will be seen and that you will hear back from more people.


When you apply for a job online, the information you provide will be collected and kept in a database. In order to find resumes, companies utilize methods that are similar to doing a web search. In order to discover suitable applicants, they choose several criteria to “search” for in the database. If you understand this, you’ll know that sending a résumé that doesn’t show enough interest in the position will likely be ignored. It is your responsibility to ensure that the position’s defining keywords are represented in your resume and application. Robots in the database will look for submissions that use the best keywords and display them. Your application won’t stand out from the crowd if you don’t include the right keywords, so be sure to include them! You might maybe sum it up in one words. To maximize the chances of the keywords drawing notice, utilize them liberally throughout your application and CV.


When food spoils after being in the fridge for more than a week, should you eat it or throw it away? Indeed, the same might be said of the internet job profiles provided by  CareerBuilder. The database will then arrange your profile and resume in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most current information and moving backwards, based on the keywords that you entered. You may expect to see a decline in traffic after the first week, since your site will no longer be prioritized by search engines. In the course of a few weeks, it may have fallen off the radar of potential employers entirely. If you want recruiters and companies to see your profile and resume, you should update it at least once a week. The simplest way to deal with this is to choose a sentence from the program that can be readily modified. Don’t change the meaning of the original sentence; instead, come up with a new phrase that says the same thing in a different manner. Alternate between the original and revised versions of the statement every time you log in to your profile once a week. This will keep you at the top of the search results for potential employers and recruiters by updating your resume on a weekly basis.

Maintain Communication

This circumstance reminds me of a story I once heard about a man who won the lotto. After getting in trouble from his wife and being mocked by his colleagues, he concealed the ticket and forgot about it. After his passing, his daughters found the winning lottery ticket and realized he never claimed the hundreds of dollars in prize money. Let me be clear: I do not suggest buying lottery tickets. However, if you are going to the trouble of doing something, you may as well see whether it paid off. Most people looking for work don’t pay enough attention to this detail. It might be the defining factor in your job search success. After applying for a position online and waiting a few days, you should call the organization’s main office. Discover who is in charge of reviewing resumes and applications for the position you want to see whether they have received yours. It’s important to add that automated application systems haven’t always been fair to your resume when you apply for jobs. You should get a résumé to the person in charge of processing applications as soon as possible, therefore it’s a good idea to ask if you may submit it to them by email. You’re making an effort to get to know someone in charge of hiring decisions at this company, which will hopefully lead to them taking a look at your resume. You will have come a long way in the new job search environment just by getting to this point. And yet, you shouldn’t stop here. When a week has gone, check in to see whether the post was filled. Whether that’s the case, you may want to find out if similar opportunities are imminent. Even if you don’t get the job for which you applied, you’ll probably be considered first when another opening comes up.

Help for Connections

Do you want to dramatically improve your odds of being hired? Experts estimate that a candidate’s chances of being hired go up by a factor of four to ten if they have contacts inside an organization prepared to make introductions on their behalf. It may appear difficult, if not impossible, to get a reference from inside the company. However, a social network that brings together those looking for jobs and people who are hiring might be useful in this endeavor. The online community goes by the name LinkedIn. If you haven’t already, you should join LinkedIn right now. For all you know, you may even pull a rabbit out of a hat while you’re there. In the LinkedIn search box, type in the name of the company and then the word “people.” It’s possible that you’d want to decrease the amount of search results by focusing on the local area surrounding you. When you sign into LinkedIn, you’ll see a list of people who work for the company you’re interested in. It’s our best bet that at least one of them is already acquainted with someone in your circle. Even if you don’t have their email address since they aren’t in your immediate circle of contacts, you can still use LinkedIn’s built-in features to get in touch with them via mutual contacts. Knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone who works for the company is the same as knowing someone who works for the company themselves, and if that friend of a friend who works for the company would be willing to forward your resume or recommend you to HR, your chances of getting the job would increase dramatically. Knowing someone who knows someone at the firm is the same as knowing someone who works there personally.



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