Tips for enjoying the holidays!

Disconnecting completely during the vacations can be a challenge, especially if you are used to being always connected and accessible.

In the urban environment we live in, we spend the entire work week in a real rush! Not to mention the small gaps in our time between doctors, and complementary courses.

To be increasingly qualified for our formal work and even to new opportunities and paths.

But what to do when the so desired vacations arrive! Those long-awaited ones! 

The mission that seems the easiest in the world, which is to disconnect, may not be so easy, depending on how busy your daily routine is.

Here are some tips to help you switch off and make the most of your vacation.

Be inaccessible to work problems!

First disable your phone and email notifications, set your notification settings so that you don’t receive messages while on vacation.

This will help you avoid distractions and keep your focus on rest and leisure.

Keep in mind that your rest is necessary to come back brand new! Set boundaries.

Set clear boundaries with your co-workers and friends, know that you will be unavailable while on vacation.

This will help prevent you from feeling pressured to answer messages or take calls during your downtime.

Make a schedule, plan your vacation activities in advance, so you know what to expect and can mentally prepare yourself to disconnect from the daily routine, and trust me!

This mission will not be as easy as you think, take the time to relax, take the time to do things that help you relax.

Like reading a book, taking a long, hot bath! Or doing a physical activity outdoors, this will help you slow down and disconnect from your routine.

Take a break from social media

Social media is a notable thief of our time, and consider temporarily deactivating your social media accounts or limiting the time you spend on them during the vacations. 

Take the time to connect with nature and the people around you, your family members! The ones we often don’t pay much attention to during the weekly rush, enjoy giving hugs and showing affection to everyone.

Do some planning: set a budget, choose your destination, and book hotels or inns in advance. 

This helps to avoid budgetary surprises! Especially if it is the end of the year when hotels and inns usually change their prices, and enjoy! Enjoy all your time.

Take everything out of your head!

Enjoy your vacation to rest, don’t keep asking your coworkers how the company is doing, about your responsibilities that are in someone else’s hands. 

Literally turn off the phone and the e-mails and use the time to relax and recharge your batteries, since you only get one vacation a year! It better be a vacation well taken.

Explore the destination, get to know the culture and history of the place where you are staying. Visit museums, historical monuments and participate in local activities, street parties, etc.

Try new things, use your vacation to try different things, like playing sports that you didn’t have time for before, getting to know new local cuisines and doing outdoor activities.

Enjoy the company of family and friends: vacations are great opportunities to spend time with the people you love. Take the opportunity to have fun and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Don’t feel suffocated doing everything! Vacations are for relaxing and recharging, so you have no need to do all the sightseeing in the area! Don’t set it as a goal.

Choose a few activities that you are really interested in and enjoy being there! Doing what you don’t want to do is time wasted! Taking the time to rest is also wonderful! Taking the day off to have no obligations can be comforting, sometimes doing nothing is doing everything.

Plan your steps and your finances!

Planning your trip in advance and setting out to learn about the communities you will be visiting will help you reap the benefits of helping the community. 

If you do this a little in advance of your trip and check to see how you can support them, you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find during your vacation.

Every region to a wide range of things to do and incredible historic regions that have extraordinary cuisine for open-minded travelers, so enjoy your vacation and make sure it stays in your memory. 

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